3 Ways to Improve The Lifespan Of Your Conveyor Belt System

Conveyor belts are machinery often found in manufacturing industries such as food processing, automotive production lines and more. These systems are used daily to carry heavy loads across a warehouse. The constant use and pressure from load force can cause a conveyor belt system to wear down. Thankfully, there are ways to improve the lifespan of your conveyor belt system. Read about these methods of improvement below:

Regular inspection

Inspecting the belt on a regular basis can increase its lifespan tremendously. If the tension of the belt is not inspected, problems could occur. if the belt tension is too high, the belt may stretch and tear. If the tension is too low the belt could slip and cause other issues. To eliminate the risk of these problems, make sure to inspect the belt at least once a day. You should also inspect other parts to ensure they are moving as they should.

Frequent maintenance

Make sure to schedule in regular maintenance for your conveyor belt system. The maintenance schedule should include regular cleaning of the belt to avoid the risk of dirt getting into the system, as well as replenishing the oil levels, tightening bolts and so on.

Check load weights

Another important method of improving the lifespan of the belt is to stick to the belt recommendations regarding weight limits. Placing goods onto the belt that exceed this limit can cause major damage to the motor, belt and other components of the system. When purchasing the conveyor system, make sure the belt can withstand the weight of the loads you intend to place on it.