The Possible Applications For Recycled Conveyor Belt Rubber

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Recycled conveyor belts are susceptible to significant wear and tear through different applications. The conveyor belt rubber can be used to move items with irregular bottom surfaces between different rollers and conveying bulk solid materials over various distances.

The main materials and components of the conveyor belts include thermoplastics, metal, rubber, fabric and leather. The plastics are recyclable through the polyester, silicone and polyethylene. The metal categories of the conveyor belt are the stainless and carbon steel.

There are various ways to reuse the conveyor belt in different applications and contexts. The rubber can be shredded and recycled into new products. Illustrative examples include the production of asphalt pavements and recycled eco-friendly materials as well as rubberised flooring, specifically in factory settings or cushioning flooring environments.

Various industries such as the domestic construction, manufacturing and automotive industries take advantage of the efficient use of used conveyor belt rubbers. The commercial production of mining products and the cost of disposal is significantly reduced.

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