The Different Types of Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are used to move all sorts of goods from one area within a location, to another. There are many different types of conveyor belts used for various purposes. Each conveyor is specifically chosen according to their suitability to the loads they will need to carry. Read about the different types of conveyor belts below:

Flat belts

Flat belts are commonly used in many industries. These belts are made up of a solid piece of material such as rubber, or they can be made up of fabrics such as nylon and polyester. Either way, these conveyors are specifically used to move goods around an area quickly and efficiently. These conveyors can often be found in grocery stores, airports, production factories and more.

Filter belts

Filter belts are conveyor belts that have filters that allow for the drainage of water or contaminants that are on goods. Metal and synthetic fibres are often used in the creation of these filter belts. These conveyor belts can be found in water treatment plants or, sometimes, in the mining industry.

Modular plastic belts

Modular plastic belts are a common choice for companies that are constantly running their conveyors and would need quick repairs for worn belts. These modular conveyor belts allow you to change any pieces of the belt that have worn down without having to replace or repair the whole belt. This is made possible by the interlocking design used to create these belts.

Woven metal belts

Woven metal belts are belts consisting of interlinking chains of metal. These conveyor belts allow for reasonable airflow through the system due to the gaps within the belt, easily allowing products to be dried, cooled or heated. These woven metal conveyor belts can be found in the food processing industry, the electronics industry and more.