The Process of Mobile Crusher Operations at A Construction Site

Mobile crushers are the perfect versatile machines to complete operations at a construction site. As their name states, these machines are responsible for crushing materials for several purposes. The question is, what is the process? Read about the process of mobile crusher operations at a construction site below:

The type

The process of mobile crusher operations at a construction site depends on the type of mobile crusher being used. there are two types: direct feed and indirect feed. Direct feed crushers will receive materials from a front-end loader or by means of a shovel. The indirect-feed mobile crushers receive materials from an apron feeder, which is a type of conveyor system.


The crushing process starts once the construction materials reach the mouth of the mobile crusher. The process varies slightly between types of mobile crushers, but with a jaw crusher, the materials are pushed through a mobile and immobile jaw plate. During this process the materials are crushed into manageable sizes and move through the machine.


The final part of the crushing process is the conveyor. Much like how the materials enter an indirect feed crusher, they exit both kinds of mobile crushers on a conveyor belt. The materials, now much smaller than the were when they entered, exit ready for use for various other applications. Although, this process also makes it much easier to dispose of large materials that come from construction sites.