The importance of high productivity at a mine or quarry

Productivity is an important aspect in the mining and quarrying industries. High productivity has been at a decline over the past few years, but as more and more people come to understand its role in these industries, they have been taking steps to counter it. Read about the importance of high productivity at a mine or quarry below:

Operating cost

High productivity is necessary to reduce operating costs. This may be confusing to some people as most individuals identify productivity as increased input, which would increase operating costs. The goal of this form of productivity, however, is not to increase input but to increase the efficiency of input in order to increase output.


As the output increases due to efficient operations, all mine and quarry operations will start to flow. Decreased input and increased output will reduce the cost of operation and increase the income of the mine. This will make it easier for wages to be paid correctly and on time, without the mine having to struggle to keep up with payments.


It is a known fact that the mining and quarrying industries do not receive the attention that they need to move forward in the industry through innovative methods. If the productivity of the mines and quarries increases, people may be encouraged to invest their time and money into discovering new and improved methods for this industry. These innovative methods could further increase productivity in these industries in the future.