The Estimated Monetary Loss Of A Conveyor Belt Breakdown To A Mine/Quarry

Operational efficiencies can cost a business or project significant financial implications. Ingwe Splicing and Maintenance streamlines the mine and quarry operational capacities with versatile service offerings such as Conveyor Belt Splicing, Conveyor Belts, Pulley Lagging as well as Hot and Cold Splicing.

Different industrial projects and business models have different budget constraints and service level agreements for downtime. By minimising the likelihood of downtime of conveyor belt break-downs in the mining and quarry environment, Ingwe Splicing and Maintenance saves projects and operations an average of 50% production efficiency.

According to multiple manufacturing and processing operations, 90% of conveyor belt breakages and inefficiencies occur at the splice. Preventative measures ensure that conveyor components are kept i pristine and working condition.

Factors to take into consideration when calculating the estimated monetary loss of downtime in mines and quarries include labour intensive efforts, capital adjustments to equipment and machinery as well as time spent on adjusting the strategies on the mining and quarry processes.

The integrity of the belt is of the utmost importance in maintaining scheduled lead times and implementation on mining and quarrying sites.

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